Hair Removal Spray Price In Pakistan
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Hair Removal Spray Price In Pakistan

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Hair Removal Spray

We want to live unwanted hair for free for a long time without treatment of painful and lengthy procedures. Now forget those painful hair removal treatments because have the perfect solution for you, which makes your body free of unwanted hair in less time. Pakistan Wipe away hair removal sprays ideal for removing unwanted hair. You can remove unwanted hair in it as soon as possible with the spray licked hair removal.Wipe away Hair removal spray is designed to remove unwanted hair from small areas of the body, such as under arms, bikini line, legs, upper lip, and eyebrows.Wipe away Spray hair remover to unwanted hair from the desired area and dissolves in a matter of minutes. Unlike depilatories Laden and other harsh chemicals, wipe away with a private, such as vitamin E and aloe vera nutritious elements, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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How to Use:

Clean and moist with a desired area of water at room temperature. After that apply licked hair remove spray to remove an area for 5 to 10 minutes. Now wipe away unwanted hair and get a smooth, smooth and hair-free skin.

Product Description

Nair for Men Spray features a neat, “no-touch” application that is great for hard-to-reach places and larger areas like the chest and back. Just spray on and wipe off. Within minutes you’ll have the smooth, clean skin without the nicks or bumps you can get from shaving-not to mention a total confidence boost.

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Product Feature

Dermatologist tested
Great for large areas like the chest and back
No-touch application

Hair removal has never been easier than this. You can now use the Nair Rose Baby Oil Hair Removal Spray 200ml to remove unwanted hair from your legs and underarms. Simple spray it on your skin and remove it after a couple of minutes and you will get rid of the unwanted hair. It contains baby oil to moisturize the skin.

Product Highlights:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Use on legs and underarms only
  • Contains baby oil

  • Has a rose fragrance

Get Most Affordable Wipe Away Hair Removal Spray Price in Pakistan

This product is a perfect combination of hair removing solutions that will never damage your skin. It makes skin soft and smooth. You can remove hair from eyebrows, legs; underarms and other areas of body using this product. Simply apply spray on the desired area and get wonderful results in very less time. Always clean the area properly before use. Wipe Away Hair Removal Spray price in Pakistan is offered at  as we are offering this product at discounted price. Now there is no need more need to take visits to expensive salons and spend your precious time in long queues. Just buy it and enjoy pretty flawless skin at your home in such a peaceful and time-saving way with the help of this useful product.

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